Sales information

Reserving apartments:

The client will enter into a reservation agreement, which is valid until the signing of the contract under the law of obligations (up to 4 weeks). In order to confirm their wish to purchase, the client will pay an advance payment of 5,000 euros when signing the reservation agreement.

Contract under the law of obligations:

A notarized contract under the law of obligations, which specifies all conditions of the transaction, will be signed with the client. The prerequisite of the contract under the law of obligations is a payment from the client that covers 15% of the purchase price.

Real right contract:

When the apartment building is completed, a notarized real right contract shall be signed, the buyer will pay the rest of the purchase price and the ownership of the property will be transferred.

The contract price includes:

  • final completion of the apartment according to the project documentation;
  • connection fees for establishing and connecting utility networks (water, electricity, sewage, central heating);
  • complete home security system;
  • data communication, cable television, telephone communications and complete surveillance option.
  • Smart home standard system

The contract price does not include:

  • parking spot;
  • storage room;
  • air conditioning / cooling;
  • the state fee and notary fees connected to the sales contract (paid by the Buyer);
  • connection fees for setting up cable television, telephone communications and surveillance communications;
  • cooling system;

Sales information

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