Your park. Your sea. Your home.

The long and spacious terraces, with their incomparable views of the sea and lush Kadriorg Park, are a hallmark of the Kiikri Residences. The buildings blend into the surrounding greenery and instead of iron gates, privacy is guaranteed by the beautifully landscaped green space.

The walls of the buildings designed by renowned architect Illimar Truverk reflect the charms of the enchanting surroundings. The façades are comprised of a warm combination of wood and stone with broad glass surfaces that let sunshine into every room.

These are homes where you can stop time. Sit on the terrace. Listen to the sound of the sea and take time out for yourself.

A building is completed!

B building will be completed  in Fall 2018.

C building will be completed in Summer 2019.


One of the great advantages of the Kiikri Residences is the location, which provides peace and quiet amid the hubbub of the city. Your home is surrounded by illuminated bike and pedestrian paths, park trails and a promenade. Take a walk during a dusky evening or enjoy a refreshing bike ride on the seashore. Outdoor recreational activities are right at your doorstep.

There is lots of culture in Kadriorg, as well as restaurant serving a variety of taste experiences. The city centre humming with activity is within walking distance, and it’s only a short commute to work. There are commercial premises for small businesses on the lower floor that we will fill with tenants who will make your daily life more convenient.

Your park. Your sea. Your home. Your park. Your sea. Your home.

A home that creates harmony

You will find the perfect home for you family – be it large or small – at the Kiikri Residences. Well-designed 1–3 bedroom flats are available.

The interior design is based on minimalist lines that allow your imagination to soar. While the selection of colours and materials creates a uniform and harmonious look.

The large, more than two-metre-high windows are the focal point of the flats. And they look out on expansive terraces that make the surrounding nature a part of your everyday life.

Smart solutions, a smart lifestyle

Energy efficiency was a prime consideration in the construction of the buildings. Solar panels are installed on the roofs.  Kiikri residences have solar panels on the roofs. The solar panels will be managed by a company chosen by the developer. The company will take care of regular management and maintenance. The residence owners have the possibility to purchase under favourable conditions electricity produced by the solar panels. With that, Kiikri residents will save money and contribute to environmental protection.

For an additional fee, you can have an electric car charging station installed next to your parking spot. The warm underground garage makes parking pleasant even when the cold weather arrives. And the solar protection glass in the windows keep the interiors cool during hot summers.

The wall-mounted controls help you manage energy consumption. The heating and ventilation can be adjusted as you like. And you can also use your mobile devices to do all this.

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