A home that breathes in your rhythm

Your new home is energy-efficient, and has a class A energy efficiency rating. This means that the estimated annual energy consumption is less than 100kWh/m2 and your utility costs will be low. We will be installing solar panels on the roof that will offer you truly energy-efficient living.

Kiikri residences A building will be finished in a autumn/winter of 2017.

COOLING: Contract fees and the living room is €4800 (including VAT) and if possible master bedroom for additional €960 (including VAT). Please contact our sales team for precise price offer.

All the apartments are equipped with central heating. And the floors are pleasantly warm thanks to the floor water heating systems. The forced ventilation ensures the constant inflow of fresh air and eliminates excess moisture.

The air is cleaner because the filtered air exchange reduces the amount of dust particles. Thanks to a heat recovery system an even room temperature is maintained and there are fewer drafts.

A home that breathes in your rhythm A home that breathes in your rhythm

Quality you can be proud of

The building façade is made of natural and durable materials that retain heat well. The exterior walls of the ground floor and end walls are covered with flamed granite tiles, giving the building a truly dignified and yet contemporary appearance.

The ribbon balconies sized and placed asymmetrically cover most of the building. The interior surfaces of the balconies are covered with high-quality aluminium tiles. And the rear walls are made of thermo-treated boards. And their solar protection glass will keep the space cool in the summer.

The interior walls are made of thick panels that ensure good soundproofing and provide greater privacy. If the panels cannot be used, the walls are constructed of three layers of Aeroc blocks.

The three freestanding buildings are connected by an underground parking garage, with an entrance between buildings A and B. A ventilated indoor waste management area has been constructed. There is also a large playground on the property. Also, the Kiikri Residences are surrounded by carefully designed landscaping.

Sales information

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