Inspiring work environments

Commercial premises bursting with spaciousness

There are five commercial premises on the first floor of the Kiikri Residences. They range in size from 68 m2 to 141m2 and are suitable for both starting and well-established businesses.
Each commercial space has a large terrace, and doors that open onto Tuukri St. or Kadriorg Park.

Convenient and easy access

Their excellent access makes these premises in the Kiikri Residences very convenient, especially compared to the city centre. Clients can comfortably park their cars nearby on Tuukri St. when visiting your business.

All the commercial premises have tall windows that add spaciousness and look out on pleasant terraces – where visitors and company employees can gather to relax or gather inspiration.

Financially well-off clients

The clients that frequent Kadriorg appreciate value and quality. Therefore, we are looking for businesses that are ready to offer exclusive products and services. The large premises are perfect for beauty salons, gourmet shops, art galleries or fashion studios. We hope to see many businesses here that will enrich the lives of the locals.

The recently completed Tivoli residential district and Liivaoja Quarter are both located in the vicinity of the Kiikri Residences. And their residents are potential clients for your future business.

Valuing your employees

The milieu in Kadriorg is truly employee-friendly. The nearby park and seaside provide relaxation even during the busy workday. Employees are happy and motivated when working in an inspiring environment. There are many eateries nearby for comfortably enjoying a meal.

Inspiring work environments Inspiring work environments

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